4 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 2022


Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam

Before we get started with our article detailing the best cheapest VR headset for steam on the market, we have included links in the for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range. 

1. Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset

Starting off at number 1 we have the Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset. If you’re an Android-only person, this is the VR unit for you. 

Designed by Samsung to be compatible with Samsung and other Android devices, the headset offers a fully wireless design that sits comfortably on your head and weighs surprisingly little. 

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SAMSUNG Gear VR w/Controller (2017) SM-R325NZVAXAR (US Version w/Warranty)

Last update was on: September 20, 2023 12:23 am

While the resolution of the display is not as good as it should be, you’ll find that it’s wonderful for playing games on your Android device. With an extensive content library, it’s one of the most versatile of the headsets. Graphics are not as good as they should be, and there is the “screen door effect” with a bit of pixelation. However, the wide variety of available content (via the smartphone’s game, movie, and TV apps) will take your mind off the iffy resolution. It excels at gaming, and all of the smartphone games feel much more immersive and interactive thanks to this device. 

Be warned: take off the unit every 30 to 45 minutes to give your eyes a break and prevent motion sickness. You can’t use it with any other phones, but you’ll find that it fits any high-end Samsung smartphone (Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5). 

Simply insert the phone into the micro USB dock, lock it in place, and you’re ready to start watching or gaming. The dock is adjustable to fit larger smartphones. The touchpad on your right temple makes it easy to control the device on your phone, and the controls feel intuitive and responsive. 

The VR unit will drain your phone’s battery drastically (20% per hour, give or take), so be aware of that when playing. If you leave the phone connected to the VR casing for too long, it can overheat. 

This is one of the best-priced virtual reality kits around. It’s only good for Samsung users, but for the price, it does an amazing job of projecting you into another dimension of gaming and movie/TV watching. 

SAMSUNG Gear VR w/Controller (2017) SM-R325NZVAXAR (US Version w/Warranty), Samsung

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2. OSVR Hacker Dev Kit Virtual Reality Headset

At number 2 we have the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit Virtual Reality Headset. Instead of a ready-made VR kit, the OSVR Hacker is a DIY kit that can be customized and built to your specifications. If you’ve put together your own gaming computer, this is the gadget for you! 

Designed by Razer, the unit is modular in design, and you build it with your selected components. Thanks to the refined optics and screen-level diffusion, there is no “screen-door effect”. You get a sharp, clean picture with a very high refresh rate (120 Hz), low latency, and excellent resolution (960 x 1080 per eye). 

The features of the OSVR HDK mirror those of the Oculus Rift, including interchangeable faceplates, Leap Motion gesture and hand tracking, and wireless streaming (there are no strings on this bad boy!). With lower system requirements than the Rift, it’s compatible with more high-end gaming PCs and PC games. The design is simple and comfortable, with a band around and over your head to keep the headset in place. It weighs surprisingly little, and the balance is getting better with each new model released. It looks amazing, fits well, and works like a dream! 

This is a far better-priced option than the Oculus Rift, with more customizability. However, it’s definitely not a product for the tech-challenged. If you’re not a PC whiz, this may be a bit over your head. 

Osvr Virtual Reality Hacker Development Kit Is an Alternative to Oculus Dk2!

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3. HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset

At number 3 we have the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset. If you’ve got a high-end gaming PC and want a VR kit to match, the Vive is the device for you! 

Created by Valve, it’s designed to be used with a wide range of Steam games. The unit’s motion controls are compatible with the most popular games, and you’ll find that the gaming experience is as immersive as it gets. If your PC has the right capacities, you’ll find that it’s an amazing way to bring your video games to life. The headset has two 1200 x 1080 screens (1080p resolution), giving you the highest-quality image for top-notch virtual reality. 

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HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

Last update was on: September 20, 2023 12:23 am

Two sensors hang on the wall to track your movements, allowing you total control over your games. When you reach the edge of your “reality cage” (the limits of the sensors), the headset alerts you to help you avoid bumping into anything. The unit requires a few cables to connect to your PC, limiting your movement. However, the two motion controllers and the light-emitting boxes help you to turn your living room into a fully-immersive gaming environment. There are even built-in earbuds

The Vive can feel a bit clunky and heavy, but it fits fairly comfortably. It fits over glasses, though prepare for some lens fogging. Despite a few software bugs, it is lag-free, seamlessly integrated into Steam games, and offers a vivid VR experience. This is the most expensive on our list. However, it’s considered by many to be the “best overall VR experience”, making it worth the high price! 

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System, HTC Virtual Reality System

Price: $995.00
as of September 20, 2023 12:23 am
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$995.00 August 2, 2023

4. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

And for our final pick at number 4, we have the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset. Built using the same technology that makes our smartphone displays so crystal clear, the Oculus Rift is the first–and best–of the VR kits. The unit comes with an Xbox One controller and an Oculus Remote, which gives you total control over any game you play. 

Connect the device to your PC or gaming console (via HDMI and USB), and the 4-meter long tether allows you to move around without risk of disconnection. 

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Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

Last update was on: September 20, 2023 12:23 am
$433.99 $595.95

The product comes with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and two built-in screens of HD 1080p resolution–one for each eye. The image is bright, clear, and crisp, with only a hint of the graininess normal for VR headsets. The peripheral vision is excellent, and there is almost no lag (latency) as you play. 

Your gaming experience will be far more immersive and rich thanks to the Oculus Rift, with surprisingly little interference or alterations of the games themselves. Once you get the device set-up and adjusted to your preferences (it takes a bit of fiddling), you almost forget you’re wearing it. It’s light and comfortable, yet large enough to wear glasses with. It only comes with one tracking camera, meaning you have less room to move around in. Thankfully, you can install an additional tracking camera (if you pay a bit more) to expand your movement space. 

The Oculus price is one of the biggest sticking points of this unit. It’s one of the costliest devices on the market. Still, given its amazing functionality and high quality, it’s worth the price! 

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset, Oculus

Price: $433.99
as of September 20, 2023 12:23 am
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Highest Price $615.00 May 2, 2023
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Price Guide For Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam

Here is everything you want to know about picking the qualities you will need the virtual reality headset and also the tips for scoring a deal. There is nothing like reality. You can do anything to researching replicas of famous places from all around the world by enjoying video games. Whether you would like to research dungeons, or merely know what your monument resembles in person, all you will need is the cheapest VR headset for steam that is fantastic. Virtual reality is now a reality that is practical: immerse yourself and it is simpler than ever to wear the cheapest VR headset for pc gaming. When you put on a VR headset, you get a 360 ° perspective, which means without leaving the comfort of your living space it is possible to explore landscapes.

Choosing VR Headsets

The first choice will work best for you personally are wired headsets. They usually have exceptional image quality, even though they’re much more expensive than wireless components (even prior to the price of the keyboard or computer ).

  • Wireless VR cans are basically goggles that hold your smartphoneand utilize its display as lenses. To your heart’s content, you are able to explore environments with the support of games and apps. Some wireless VR headsets operate with smartphone versions. Do not forget that the total cost of this smartphone isn’t included when searching for wireless VR cans.
  • Virtual reality headsets do not operate on their own: they rely on apparatus that is external to perform the heavy lifting of introducing surroundings that are whole to the goggles that the user communicates. That device is a smartphoneadditional VR cans are powered by means of a computer or even a game console.

VR Headsets Price Range

Virtual reality games and programs range everywhere from $4 to $50, and ought to be factored into the entire cost of ownership. Since there are several hidden expenses, Prices for virtual reality headsets can be challenging. There is the price of applications to be thought about When you’ve obtained all the necessary hardware and a VR headset. Many programs are liberated — Facebook 360 is a favorite download, perfect for checking surroundings out from all over the globe — but games and superior content have to be bought individually. Wireless goggle headphones would be the most economical, and generally price less than $100 a set, but that cost does not include the expense of the smartphone required to power the encounter. In the same way, tethered VR headsets start approximately $300, but the essential keyboard or computer immediately bumps the entire price up by a couple of hundred dollars.

Take a Virtual Journey!

A virtual reality headset will allow you to tap into a universe of experiences and simulations. These are the most Frequent Kinds of adventures on a VR headset:

  • Action games set in the center of the delight — if that is behind the wheel at a racing game, or even using the elite group of commandos. VR matches up the bets if you believe console games are extreme and provide experiences.
  • Programs, for instance, ultra-popular Minecraft, have been successful on VR platforms they have become their own class. Whether you are into designing items that could be 3D-printed from the actual world or building your empire that is digital, there is a VR program for it.
  • Tours enable you to navigate locations through history, from all around the world. Users can have a stroll through downtown New York City Ancient Rome, or even their favorite tradition.
  • In such games, the participant with the headset has to utilize what they see and operate together with players that are currently utilizing their apparatus. Classics such as”Keep Talking and No One Explodes” are fantastic for parties or parties — only so long as everybody gets a turn!

What About Comfort?

In the conclusion of the day, they cans, so you will want to find Although most men and women concentrate on the reality characteristics of VR headsets.

Among the vital aspects of VR headset relaxation is your material that is the headset.

  • Fabric straps are more elastic and more comfortable. But, perspiration will be absorbed by cloth straps and may be a struggle.
  • Plastic straps are easy to clean and stronger. VR cans with straps possess comfort characteristics that are additional.


Consider these suggestions before Purchasing a VR headset:

  • If you are revealing reality to a friend or loved one, give them lots of area that is physical if it is their first time. Most customers move around a bit because they have accustomed to VR keep anything out of their course.
  • VR headsets contain more or one controls for browsing virtual environments. Find out what every button on the control does before beginning a VR session.
  • Reality illness can be real. Stop use if you notice any of these symptoms when using a VR headset and consult a doctor.
  • Some wireless VR headphones are intended to function with smartphone versions. Prior to purchasing a VR headset that is wireless, affirm that your phone is encouraged.
  • If your headset includes some padding or surfaces clean or deodorize the components that are delicate to keep them smelling clean.
  • VR headsets do not arrive with circumstances. Pick a situation for every one your VR equipment up to keep your property secure, and ensure enjoyment for years to come.


Q. Could I use a VR headset when I wear glasses?

A. Yes, though your mileage might vary, based on the VR headset you purchase. Most, but not all, virtual reality headsets permit you to adjust the thickness. Until you purchase — normally do quick search users will bill warnings or complaints if a set doesn’t work with glasses.

Q. Where do I purchase virtual reality programs?

A. Wireless VR headsets rely upon smartphone programs that may be bought in the Google Play Store (such as Android apparatus ) or the App Store (for iOS apparatus ). Tethered VR headsets normally run proprietary programs and games built particularly for specific hardware; for instance, the Sony Playstation VR just works with games in the Playstation Store, the Oculus Rift uses”adventures” in their online shop, and so forth.

Q. How long do I play with a VR game?

A. Every person has their own threshold for how long she can keep gambling with no break. With virtual reality headphones, fractures are significant. Pauses can help save you from feeling bloated, dizzy, or dried or getting headaches. When some people today claim to favor all-day, marathon VR sessions, your very best choice is to prioritize your health: take breaks if you will need to, drink water and receive up and stretch.

4 Best Cheapest VR Headset For Steam 2022

So that sums up our top cheapest VR headset for steam of 2022. We hope you enjoyed. Until next time have a great day.  

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